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Our Story

Our Story

— Story Behind Codium

Today’s engineer is an inquisitive student with an immense room for learning beyond the syllabus and showcasing their creativity in every way possible, but the only thing is a way lacking to fulfill the same. Codium club was initiated to serve as a platform for students where they can exercise complete freedom of creativity and experiment new ideas and creations to develop and explore their boundaries. Also, accurate knowledge about the industry works, and contacts are required for adapting according to the changing trends of the professional world.
So, Codium began to fulfill the needs of the smart students of today, to keep in sync with the industry and to explore and extend the boundaries and limitations of creativity and skills. It started with the guidance of Industry Mentors, Faculty Members and Seniors with keeping in mind that this is a club “Where Idea Matters” and where “We Believe in Simple & Creative Standards”. We are a perennially learning & developing group of coding enthusiasts and budding entrepreneurs.

— Founded in
— Office in

The 'W' Building, 127, Pawan Vihar, CBI Colony, Jagatpura, Jaipur, Rajasthan (302017)

Mission & Vision

Our vision is to be the largest technology focused club for college students to learn and collaborate with software professionals across the globe in developing mobile, web and iOT solutions that brings positive changes in the society.

Our mission i.e., Mission 2020, A mission, To create open-source technology solutions in the areas of Health & Wellness, Road Safety and Environment with a team of 1000 college students and software professionals.

Codium believes in creating better individuals equipped with adequate skills and knowledge with a creative and open mindset. A set of individuals who are not afraid to take risks and reconnoiter their frontiers.

We're always looking for talent

Codium is a club where idea matters, where creations are born, where learning begins with a fun, where dreams are not only envisioned but achieved, where dedicated people come together to make a difference, and where one can witness the collaboration of students and professionals.

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